Sunday, August 23, 2009

Current PTC sites I have joined

So far i have joined 8 PTC sites (all of them pay). What is a PTC site? PTC sites pay you to view ads. The cost for registration is free so you have nothing to lose by joining a PTC site. Here is how you earn, join a PTC site then view their ads for a given time(about 30secs) then you get paid. To register at the PTC sites below just click the banner/image of the site.
(You may want to open it at a new tab if you want.)

SvBux - Simplicity And Innovativeness!
referrer must be tronji32

in the site above you view 4ads a day and each ad gives 0.01, but the best thing is if you refer other people to join the site each click from them will give you 0.01. their minimum cashout is $2.00 (when joining please put remington32 in the referrer tab)
so if you have 20 referrals and they click 4ads per day,

0.04x20=0.8(per day) 0.8x7=5.6(per week) 5.6x4=22.4(per month) $22 is not bad for an extra income, now that is for svbux only, there are other paying sites also, view the links below.

0.008 per ad 0.004 per referral click, minimum cashout is $2.00

0.01 per ads 0.005 per referral click, minimum cashout is $9.00

I will update this and post new sites if i find new ones.

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