Saturday, September 5, 2009

This is probably the easiest way to earn money!!


In this kind of sites you are paid just for viewing ads in a given time(30 secs) and in most sites they have 4 ads a day, each ad you click will give you $0.01 to your account balance and once you have accumulated $2 you can then request for cashout so they will send the money to you.

For the site to be able to send you your earnings you must have an alertpay or paypal account(register at or its free to register), these two sites are legitimate companies which provides internet transactions, you will know that their sites are highly secured because instead of http they have https instead meaning secure so its safe to use.(Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Neobux, and my other PTC sites are also HTTPS)

The best PTC site as of now is neobux it has already paid $10,000,000 to its clients, check the sites forum for proofs. There is also a filipino sub-forum in there so be sure to check it out.

Here is an example of how you will earn.

in neobux once you have registered and login click on the view advertisements tab and you will see 4 ads below, click an ad one at a time and wait for the timer to stop.

0.01 per ad
0.04 your daily earnings
0.28 your weekly earnings
0.56 monthly

Your probably saying that its a waste of time clicking for a month just earning $0.56.
Well dont quit yet because this is where it gets better, click the BANNERS in your account tab and check for your referral link. If you ask someone to register using that link then he/she will be your referral, this means that whenever she view ads you will also earn $.01 for every ads he/she view. So start telling your friends, classmates and cousins. Lets use neobux as an example on how you will earn with 20 referrals.

20 referrals view 4 ads a day : $0.8
your weekly earnings : $5.6
your monthly earnings : $22.4

Is $22 dollars still not enough for you? Well good because Neobux is not the only paying PTC site. Dont worry I already posted the links of the other sites in here.(check the previous posts for the links)
So what if you joined 10 PTC sites each with 20 referrals each:
$22.4 x 10 = $224 convert it to peso and you get 224 x 48 = P10752

Make sure that you only make one account per household because cheating is easily detected.

Before registering at neobux dont forget to make an alertpay and paypal account for free. Once you have made an account then just click the neobux banner below to register.Put quentin23 if it asks for a referrer.

you may open it in a new tab if you want.
dont forget to put quentin23 as your referrer.

Please remember that only 1 account per household is allowed because PTC sites regularly check IP address to check who are cheaters.

If you're having a hardtime getting referrals then let me do the advertising for you. You can ask me to put your referral links in this site so I will replace mine then put yours. Now that's an offer you can't refuse.

1. Use a different email address for your alertpay or paypal account to avoid hacking.
2. Register on my other sites also to increase your potential income.
3. Dont give up easily if youre having a hard time, Im here to help remember.
4. If you find other PTC sites make sure that it is paying clients, research on google first.
5. Click everyday ok,

If you want to know how you can withdraw your funds at alertpay and paypal email me or message me at facebook.
(do a research on google and you will find out that there are a lot of scam sites but the ones i will post in here are all legitimate)


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